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Optima Classical Academy is a tuition-free virtual reality public school for 3rd-8th grade Florida students. We use VR technology to solve the problems of disengaged, unsocialized students. Our combination of VR technology and a time-tested classical education model produces better academic outcomes and students that love to learn.

Program Overview:

Optima Classical Academy strives to develop curiosity and a love of learning in our scholars. The virtual reality platform allows students to visit ancient Pompeii, stand in a future city on Mars, or see how atoms work from the inside. Best of all, they share the experience in real time with their classmates and instructors. Your student will receive a world class classical education including instruction in the principles of moral character and civic virtue.

As a virtual reality school, we use digital textbooks, audiobooks, videos, and rich media experiences to present information, address different learning styles, and develop academic skills. We also believe in the educational power of a great book and the value of the experience of handling pages and engaging a physical text as part of the reading process.

At OCA, your student is free to explore the world as never before, live in community, and develop uncommon intellectual skills.

Live instruction taught by some of the best educators in the country.

Virtual reality and video-based lessons.

Physical engagement with great books.

Personalized instruction based on individual student needs.


Using the headset and controllers provided by Optima Classical Academy, students receive live instruction each day between 8:00 and 12:00 inside the OCA Metaverse, our virtual reality classroom. Here, they experience an immersive, collaborative, and socially appropriate experience interacting with their classmates, their instructors, and the curriculum in a way unlike anything before.

Classes cover mathematics, language arts and reading, science, history and social studies – taught by some of the best educators in the country.

The learning environment can be anywhere in space or time and at any scale. Students visit ancient Pompeii, stand in a future city on Mars, or see how atoms work from the inside. Best of all, they share the experience in real time with their classmates and instructors.


After the live portion of the instructional day, students have asynchronous learning, including their assignments for that day, that can be completed on their own schedule.

How much does Optima Classical Academy Cost?

Optima Classical Academy is tuition-free. There is no cost to apply to the school and no cost to attend. Optima Classical Academy provides the VR equipment needed to attend classes as well as technical support.

How Do I Enroll?

Enrollment at Optima Classical Academy is just like any Florida public charter school. We select new students through a simple, free-to-enter random lottery. Once selected to attend, parents complete a paperless registration process. It’s that easy.

What VR Technology does Optima Use?

Optima Classical Academy students attend class and get instruction through VR technology. We provide the latest consumer-grade headset and hand controllers from Oculus loaded with our proprietary learning software. The tools are intuitive enough for students as young as 3rd grade to easily use after no more than a few minutes of instruction. By replacing the consumer software with our proprietary interface, we ensure the equipment is limited to the educational use intended.

What is the Academic Calendar?

The 2022-2023 school year starts August 10th, 2022 and ends May 26th, 2023. The first semester ends on December 15th.

Student holidays include Labor Day, Yom Kippur, Columbus Day, MLK, Jr. Day, President’s Day, Good Friday, and Easter Monday. 

Breaks include a Fall Break on Sept 26th-27th, Thanksgiving Break on November 23rd-27th, Winter Holiday Break from Dec 20th – Jan 3rd, and Spring Break March 13th-17th.

Will OCA add any more grades beyond 8th?

Our plan is to add grades 9-12 one year at a time so that no scholar at OCA will age out, or need to complete their classical education elsewhere once enrolled.

Will OCA add grades K-2?

OCA is very different from other virtual schools as we expect our scholars to operate as independently as possible. Our K-2 scholars require more parent involvement to complete student led activities. After grades 9-12 are added, then the implementation of grades K-2 will be explored. Please stay in contact.

What is the Attendance and Tardiness Policy at Optima Classical Academy?

Optima Classical Academy believes that a prompt arrival to class, and consistent attendance are essential to the learning process for our students.  Our formal absence and tardiness policies can be found in our family handbook here.

Will Optima Classical Offer Any Field Trips and Clubs?

Yes, Optima Classical will have several clubs, and may, from time to time, have in-person learning opportunities.


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